Will Corsair VX450 be enough for i5 2500k and HD7850


I'm planning to upgrade my PC in the coming week or so depending on IVB launch and availability in india. Can a Corsair VX450 run a i5 2500k and HD7850?

The probable "future" rig would be i5 2500K(or IVB equivalent) + Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 + HD7850 + 2HDD+8GB Gskill 1600MHz and about 4~5case fans.


Adam young
it should be able to run that system without any problems.but don't try too much of overclock on cpu or gpu.you can do a little bit of overclock but don't go to extreme limit.

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
the one i'm using is about 4yrs old.
How many drives/capacity and how many fans. Anything else you're using? Any add on cards?

But I doubt that unit will be an issue. It should be fine even if you bump up the clock speeds. You just need to worry about the temperature/heat dissipation.


no add on cards. 1 high cfm fan on TRUE120, 4 medium cfm cooler master fans 2hdd and a accelero turbo module on 8800gt.
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