Wifi speed slow in mobile but works fine in laptop


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For a month now, I've been facing the same issue. The wifi speed in my mobile phone is too slow; but it works just fine in my laptop. I've tried rebooting, resetting the modem and router. Rebooting and updating my phone android OS, but nothing worked. I don't know what to do. I contacted the guy who installed the wifi connection, but he too wasn't of any help. I don't know much bout it either.


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Please provide us more details like what internet plan you are using and which phone with android version.
what is the download/upload speed you see on speed test (dot) net on laptop and phone?
Do answer the above questions. Also mention if you are using LAN on laptop or WiFi.

I have BSNL FTTH at my parent's place & they got a Net gear modem with 2 antennas. It was shit, I would get good speeds in speed test on phone but not while browsing, like it would go up to 300-500KBps (my connection is 80Mbps, so up to 10MBps is possible). I just put a different router for WiFi to get better speeds, I had a cheap TP Link router at my home. I still don't get full 80Mbps on WiFi, likely needs a better router.
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