Kushal Maheswari

Right off the assembly line
hello digit,

i am planning to buy a WiFi router. Can you suggest me one.my requirements are-

1) WiFi router with an USB port(sharing hard disk data)
2) router with a reasonable range.a signal that can penetrate through 3-4 walls.
3) the price should be within rs4000
4) at least one Ethernet port(to connect lan wire)

I'm taking a broadband connection and i want a router to create wifi signals.

Guyzz Plzz heelpp..


Broken In
I am also looking for same thing. TP Link TD-W8968 have all this but it is not available in Kolkata. Maybe it will come in next month according to the TP link distributors. Another option is D-Link DSL-2750U but it has mix review. If anyone know any other model similar to these then please advise .


Kushal Maheswari

Right off the assembly line
I recently bought a dlink wifi router dsl 2750 u. i want to know to use usb port on the back of the modem can be used to share the media files by connecting an external hard drive or pendrive. can you tell me the procedure to set it up.
-plzz hellp..


Try Start>Run>\\(Router IP address) which most commonly is
Hence Start>Run>\\
Enter router username & password
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