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can any one explain me what is CPM ads......?
my widget in widget bucks got about 1065 impression inside cpm ads but earning is showing as 0 ....


damn busy...
widgetbucks is a fraud
i got 25$ as signup bonus but after 20 days my bonus got disappeared


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I like Widgetbucks rates. It's in par with Adsense. It's CPM rates aren't bad either. And I still got the $25 with me. I have heard mixed responses to WB. Some says they got paid, some says it's a scam.

Bidvertiser is like the same. Many got banned for no reason, including me. You get banned particularly when your payment date is approaching. :D


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I use it on wvc. Earnings are being reported VERY late on widgetbucks, i believe. Even i am in 2 minds about it now ...
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