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Which mobo and processor....

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by jay4u, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. jay4u

    jay4u New Member

    Mar 21, 2005
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    my cousin wants to upgrade his pc (proci, mobo, ram, graphics card, speakers) but is in a fix. currently he requires it for a lot of downloading and multimedia applications and will also be interested in gaming. So the config should be such that

    1. it can be kept running approx 14hrs a day

    2. it supports well in multimedia apps (the likes of adobe products)

    3. it is good at gaming.

    but the problem is does not ends here, as he is short on cash he only plans to buy a mobo+proci+ram now and graphics card and speakers later. The graphics card would be 6600GT PCIe (8000 Rs) and speakers will be creative inspire 4.1 (2900 Rs). RAM would be Transcend 512 MB 400 Mhz *2 (400 Rs).

    now please help me decide the mobo and proci. budget ceiling for the two is 15000 Rs. but would like to have it around 12000 Rs. i have the following options

    1. amd 3200 + asus avm = 12000 approx

    2. amd 3500 + asus avm = 15000 approx

    3. 3.0 Ghz pIV + intel 915 gav = 12000 approx

    4. 3.2 Ghz + intel 915gav = 15000 approx

    5. amd 3200 + asus a8ne + 6500 xfx graphics card = 16000 Rs. approx (note here he had to loose the chance to save few bucks and later go for 6600GT)

    Will asus avm perform on par with asus a8ne in other test except graphics. also is asus avm onboard nforce graphics and the mobo stability is on par with intel 915 gav mobo. please comment with suggestions and current mkt price.....

    also buying hitachi 250gb sata II now will show performance diff wrt to seagate 250 gb sata I disc...

    awaiting reply and thanks in advance
  2. Kniwor

    Kniwor Learner

    Sep 14, 2005
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    well... striking out the intel opions and talking about the AMD ones....

    avm will not match a8ne in overclockability and other features.... but 6600GT will beat the shit out of 6500 so if u sure u gonna get 6600GT very very soon get (1)

    if u think it will be few monts before u can gat another graphics card even if u get avm... say 2-3 months... dont get it... get option (5), u can sell ur gfx card later (although it will not fetch u anyhting) and get another....

    so i suggest 5 if it will take u time o get a gfx card...

    if u taking 6600GT within a month or so get 1....

    others are not valid options
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