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which laptop should i buy ??


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hey !! hello everyone.
i need a little help from all of you.
I have completed Btech recently and
I am planing to buy a new laptop with spec furnished below:

range :upto 42,000
processor : core i5 2nd generation(2430,2410 M)
HDD -500 or above
Graphics card -dedicated GFX card 512 mb/1 GB
windows -any (basic or premium)

all other specification are basic and will be required..
i have searched a lot but couldnot help myself; still i ended up 3 choices for my self and these are:
HP G6 -1201 TX
tell me which one of these is best as per h/w durability and efficiency and also tell me if there r really good option . I dont use much heavy apps besides photoshop and dreamweaver and others normal apps. and do a little gaming lyk CS, NFS etc . thanks fr ur help in advance

Pratik Pawar

Gaming for challenge
well, if u are a regular reader of the digit magazine, then u surely also checkout this, march month issue.. 20 latest consumer laptops compared!!:shock::hyper:
that may help u a bit..:mrgreen::wink::thumbs:


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Thank you for your reply as it was really helpful :) Is ASUS laptops are durable and reliable. I have seen in INDIA dell,sony and HP are more famous . And what about customer services from ASUS ?? I dont have any idea about these .oplease enlighten me :p


Yes Asus laptops pretty much durable and reliable.
And customer service is also pretty decent.
The build quality is better than most of the laptops available out there.
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