Which is best [HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6] ? Pls Help !

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Basab Bhattacharjee

Right off the assembly line
hi!! buddy i prefer u to go 4 the moto rokr E6, because it's browsing speed is very fast in compare to htc 3400. sound quality is far more good to htc 3400. last but not least it's outlook looks great in compare to htc 3400.

I bought the HTC P3400i day before yesterday...and its a real value for money. Please note that it has no FM. I wish to post a review of the same in about one week from now...but so far, its a really decent phone. I added a 4GB MicroSD, and i got it for 11k (ex Kolkata). I am really happy with the phone.
ooh. thnx for the tip.
i had an idea b4 to upgrade 6.1 rom. dropped it after ur advise

hey 1 thing, are u well trained with the options in p3400i. i hav some doubts to get clarified abt it

thnx dude..............

Ya sure buddy, ask whatever is your query. Either me or some other member will answer it. Thats one of the reasons for the forum's existance :)
whether it is possible to browse internet in p3400 with a pc having broadband connection(no wifi) in it?

Well, it might be late to answer this question now, but i'll answer it anyway for benefit of others.

Yes its possible to browse internet in P3400 with a PC having broadband connection without wifi. Just connect your phone using activesync application on your phone, either via bluetooth or cable and you can browse the internet inside your mobile at broadband speeds.

Please remember that activesync software (or windows mobile device center in case of Windows Vista, must be installed on PC for this to work. These software come on the getting started CD that comes with the mobile.

Also while connecting using bluetooth, speed will be a little slow than while using the cable as p3400 doesn't have the EDR (enhance data rate) technology in its bluetooth module.
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