Which inverter system to buy?

Which home ups brand?

  • APC

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  • Microteck

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Luminous

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  • Numeric

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  • Sukam

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Guys, summers are approaching. With the state govts not willing to raise tariffs, the state power utilities dont have the money to buy coal! Thus we are to suffer, with heat and power-cuts.

Keeping these things in mind I am planning to buy an inverter system for our home. Now the electrician has a recommended a 875VA system.

After going through the sites of some of the companies I really cant decide on the company and the series/model.

Can you people help me plz?

Am hosting a poll for the brand selection. That will make things easier. Though I may miss some of the good brands which I dont know.

Thank you.


BMG ftw!!
If you are from north kolkata (i.e. SaltLake) then you are not going to suffer from the power cuts.
If you own a big house, then I would like to suggest you something like this: Honda 5kVA Transportable Petrol Generator which works best as backup power generator.

In any way inverters are not cost efficient as the amount of consumed power is much great than the amount of power returned while power-cut.


Broken In
Go for 1400 or 1500 VA inverters.
Buy two batteries of 120 mAH or 150 mAH.

You wont regret later if you add more load during power failures.
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