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which hard disk ?[Urgent]

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Hey guys which harddisk should i buy
I want 160GB Capacity And internal
my computer model is Compaq presario SR1730IL(If required)
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I prefered Maxtor & Hitache both are gr8 they also provide 2-3 GB + storage then samsung / seagate for 160GB SATA HDD.
One side samsung 160 GB's real capasity is around 149GB
on the other side Maxtor provids around 153 GB


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Westen Digital WD1600 AAJS- 160GB, SATA II, 7200 RPM, good performance, but availability is low- Rs 2500

Samsung HD160JJ- 160GB, SATA II, 7200 RPM, mediocre performance, availability is high-RS 2400

Don't know much about Seagate drives though- their rate of failure is higher than most drives, that's what I've heard.


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Seagate drives r good ....... also checkout JUNE issue of DIGIT 4 HDD`s .............
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