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Which distro for data backup use of old system

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I have a very old system with Celeron 566 MHz processor and 128 MB SDRAM. I want to use it to backup data (act as a mirror in case of hard disk failure) for my office data consisting of various types of files (designs, drawings, pictures, documents, spreadsheets, etc). I have three hard disks freed up (each 80 GB) which I plan to use in the system (existing hdd is 4 GB which will be removed).

The other systems in the office consist mainly of 98SE and XP Home Edition. I want to know which distro will be best suited for this purpose.
1. Should be lightweight since the system is very old
2. Should support the old motherboard which has Intel 810 chipset
3. Should be reasonably easy to use - I have basic knowledge of Linux and am willing to learn...
4. Should be easy to connect with the existing LAN which means I should be able to access shared files on the data backup pc from the other PCs, as well as the other way around
5. It may be required at a later date that I need WINE on the system
6. It will not be connected to the internet, so it must be able to update it using external CD drive.
7. Should have facilities for setting up data syncing (scheduled as well as running in background) and setup some RAID type arraying

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pclinux os 2007 will be best for ur system....
if u want to new linux distros then go for ubuntu9.10...may be it will support ???but 128 ram i doubt..but i made it run smoothly on 256 ram..
also damn small linux or puppy linux or xubuntu or linux mint...
all can do what u want to do with ur old system..
any queries email me in drsubhadip (at the rate of ) gmail (dot) com
You have a deluge of distributions specially made for computers with limited hardware (32-192mb ram and Pentium2+) and you know what it doesnt have to look ugly ! Here are some distros made specially for legacy comps and they look as good as a ubuntu


There are many more . but i would recommend one of the above . The first 2 OSes are well supported and feature rich


All of them have samba? Also, any software available for syncing? Please mention software name (if I have to download it separately also, I can do it).

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