which are the programming languages of future.....

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See ...Every Programming Language has a Future in its way......specially designed to work for specific platform,factor and speed

When Speed and Performance matters ,Assembly coding is preferred in Electronic and Hardware level System instead of C.

For Eg:In Military Weapon Designs and Control.....Accuracy ,Speed,Result are most Important and can be delivered by Assembly Language only(I'm Talking of Embedded system Programs wriiten in RAM).Even C language can do.........But this case all other language don;t come to rescue.......coz we have a situation which should be accomplished in a simple n meet ur demand

I never mean to say only C and ASM are Godly Languages..........

But Every Language has its importance in its domain..Its completely Non-Sense to say that only a specific language has Future or is the Future.

As said-Plan,Algorithm,Flow Chart,etc techniques are most important for a Programmer


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when they master C ( atleast what is given in books and advanced tutorials for programming ) then only should they think of other language.

This is the basic idea of every programmer.Even Yashwanth Kanetkar writes this in his book...the famous and the most popular my favorite "LET US C".

Brother, just a thought.

I've programmed in GWBASIC, QBASIC, C++, Javascript, VB6/.Net, WAC and now PHP.

And I've realized that it doesn't matter what language you're learning, what matters is the logic. Also, top programmers rarely sit and code, they just create the flowchart and hand it to a junior pappu programmer.

So, with respect to all other opinions, languages are just different ways of implementing a thought process, just make sure ur logic and flowcharting skills are 1st class. And then any language will be a breeze.

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If you want to be a true master, learn C, then OOPs, then C++, any functional programming language as this will instill something "more" to your head. Again you are ready to continue, learn assembly.


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python looks promising...many consider it the new "c"...very user friendly
dont use it myself but have heard lot from my friends hu do...

PS:: forgive me if some1 mentioned this before...but didnt have the will power to read thru every post... :p


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it all depend on ur interest.........thers no generic programming language........choose a field ur interest and start learning a language

Internet Programming-Java,ASP.NET,Python,PHP,Javascript,etc

Embedded System-ASM,C(Very common even in linux(gcc)),C++,BASIC(very old),etc

GUI Programming-C,Visual C++,ETC,.NET

Railways and bank systems,etc-UNIX

so it all depend on interest on field which we wish to go

and ofcourse Algorithm,Logic Reasoning,Software Engineering,Programming practices are required...but u can develop some of them while u get xperience especially programming practices
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