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whch one should i go for... samsung e250 or nokia 5200??

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ppl help! i m planning to get a mobile and after research i ve found that these 2 mobiles have features that i require and are wihin my budget as well... but the prob is i m mno t able to make up my mind btn these 2... should i go for a nokia which s reliable and known for its phones ( and cheaper by 300 bucks and has extra tech of ir connectivity ) or should i go for the samsung e 250 with its good looks and gorgeous black colour....

and i dono abt the music and pic quality of these 2 phones.....do throw some light on features as well!!.. so i wud be really thankful to all those who ll help me with suggestions as of which one to select

thanks in advance


I like E250 more so i'll recommend that. It has better looks and slim design.


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i think nokia 5200 u will not like it as e250 but hey will get a better return price but i thionk u shoudl exteded our bedget bc i personally dont like 5200 .the diplay screen is vry bad and it has a cheap looksi think 3230 is it nice


5200 really luks cheap.. and the interface sux..

the worst java fone by nokia...

samsung is comparitively better...


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thanks guys.... i appreciate all replies here.... i don understand where from nokia got the colours for the phone.... red and blue and white.. but reading few reviews and looking at the displays... i got this..sceen has better colours than samsung ... the cam s bad.. music s good(really good)... but the appearance...(i m hoping to get atleast some cheap panels in other colours than provided ... :D).... its a good phone on the whole with few negatives..
so guys... i m goig for the nokia one.. thanks for your help..


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^^yah, 5200 body color scheme is really a COOL:rolleyes: scheme, who discovered such a strange color scheme, they not have any black phone cover!! dust loves the handset for its white color :lol:
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