What it takes to get a job in Digit Mag?

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Hi.. I'm Prithvi and like all you guys out there I am a Digit Maniac( Never Missed an edition since 2012)..

I am a tech lover and reviewer and I am currently persuing my B.E Computer Science degree(Final year).. And apart from this I am also good at designning with photoshops(designed a number of Poster and Invitations for my college events)... I have a good reputation for my Content Wriring skills in my college...!!!

I also own a tech website TechBookmark | Your ultimate destination for tech news and tips… and I do have a good English communication. I am good at PC hardware and Software stuff, an avid PC Gamer...

I would really love to work with Digit magazine and its Team :)

What do I need or what should I do to get my career started with Digit magazine?

Thanks in advance for all those who reply to this thread :)


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You can probably start by writing for Digit readers club. But that's just a way to help them. Or you can email to editor of the magazine citing your skills.
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