Weight scale recommendations under 2k


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Suggest some weight scale under 2k.

I saw realme scale but would only buy if anyone here has experienced it, my last realme purchase didnt go quite well.

I saw Dr. Trust but am not sure about warranty.

so anyone have some suggestions?

will be buying in next 4-5 days.


Feel Pain.
Decathlon weighing scale.

thanks for suggestion, I have decathlon nearby, Wud consider it.

I use this one

Bought in 2016. Still working best :)

How good is the accuracy and sensitiveness? Does weight reading changing when you step back and step on? is the build full metal or does it have glass as from picture it seems metal. I wud consider this because build looks good, and if it does not have any glass sticked to it then this seams better.


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Its not metal. Its plastic but of good quality and matte finish. Reading won't change until you move its position on floor (which will re calibrate the scale).

I bought this as it had good rating on Amazon and also the build quality.
The amazon website has two review videos added by Digit.
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Personal experiences from Digital Weight scales of multiple brands. They always have +/- 2 kg differences. :( Even if stand on it again after says 5 mins, there will be some differences.

Analogs are better.


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I purchased realme smart scale for ₹1200 on Diwali festival.
Looks fine. Auto detects weights of a same person if person is saved. Good Build quality + bright display, and have all other 14-16 features.
(Only smart scale purchased so dont know about other brands)
Many flaws. -
App doesn't have great features, UI
No Google fit sync.
If 2 person having 88kg and 92kg, after workout or eating, then smart scales feeds data to wrong person.
Scale needs to be on perfectly horizontal place for stable constant reading.
Heart rate not accurate and useless feature.

I wanted to buy mi scale 2 but it was OOS for long time.

Dr. Trust seems to be better in terms of accuracy compared to this realme and Google fit integration. Check that.


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I bought Dr.Trust Executive 502 Scale from amazon long back. Can be charged with USB and can be used until it gets discharged.


I've loved the MI2 scale but it seems to be out of stock at all places. The next best is the Redmi scale however it seems to pair with only one phone at one time so bit hard for all in the family to record their weight
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