Ways to buy nexus and other products at us price


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nexus devices are over priced in india almost double the price in US:-x:-x.I dont believe it is solely due to taxes correct me if i am wrong.I often come across people on the web saying there are so many ways to buy it online at US but i cant find any.I started this thread to gather ways to buy products at US prices:cool:.


Where did you get that they are almost doubly priced? :chinscratch:
You can get them at a cheaper price from eBay or amazon though they won't have warranty support from Google/lg/Asus.


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You can use these methods from buying from US:
1. Ask your relatives to bring it for you
2. Use service like Comgateway to ship the products to you.

Although, I agree, how is Nexus devices double the price here? Using services like Comgateway is tricky. Customs may make your product the same price or even more than the original price in India. But sometimes requesting your package to gift wrap can save your customs, but not necessarily.


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the only way it is cheaper is if you can get someone to bring it here... ( will save shipping and customs )

it will cost you 330 $ or so ( after tax )

but if you import it through any service it will cost you Rs 24000 or so without warranty.. its better you pay 2-3k extra and get it for 26-27k from here with warranty support

If you order it directly from ebay.com then you mght be able to save 1-1.5k custom charges or pay DOuble or tripple custom charges than the usual.. ( Depends on the mood of Assessing officer ( this is india.. )

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