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Watching DivX on TV

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Hello Everybody,
I want to watch divx movies on my sony vega tv.
can anybody tell me how to convert the pc to a hoethetre system.
The system in which i see video on Tv and audio on dolby stereos conected from pc?


The Photoshop Guy
m8 if u have a graphic card which support a tv-out option then u can connect your TV as monitor and enjoy all the movies or anything for that matter :p. The cheapest card with tv out should be the geforce4 mx 440 SE.
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In the zone
Yeah cooljeba is correct.

If you have a TV-OUT in you Graphics Card then you can configure your Graphics Card to use the TV as output device


But will he get sound on the pc??

i wanted to ask this question....
Using the tv out post means only video will be delivered to the tv but what about the sound?


da' Ťurntable ruleth
the TV OUT options is just like you having a Secondary monitor
the video will show up on the TV
as usually when on the monitor you get the soung thru ur speakers
same thing will happen here
he gets the video on his VEGA
and Sound on his "dolby stereos conected to pc "
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