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Guys, I will be purchasing my first webcam. After going through few post here in this forum and over net, I really liked these two:

1.logitech-c270h-hd [ *www.flipkart.com/logitech-c270h-hd-webcam-with-headphone/ ]
2.logitech-c310 [ *www.flipkart.com/logitech-c310-webcam/ ]

I'm afraid of two things:

1. I use net through my smartphone, So I use switch between 2g and 3g internet pack normally, Most of the time I use 2g internet packs :p.
So please tell me If I will using 2g internet, will video recording become laggy (I will degrade video quality obviously, Is this option present btw???).??

2. I am not a hardcore gamer, so I have simple hardware configuration, Dual Core 2 Ghz processor and 2 gb ram. Will this make video recording slow and pausy,

My doubts:

1. I found these two webcam has a difference of that of autofocus and fixed focus, Is that A big point to consider ??

2. Can I lower recording quality from hd to lower resolution, in case I'm using 2g internet, will video run without lagging then??

* I will be using skype and other chatting software only.*

Please give your views guys.???

please anyone ?????
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