Want Help Regarding KEYBOARD+MOUSE under 5K!!!

Gamer Singh

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hello guys.
i want to buy combo set of keyboard and mouse.
My budget is around 4-5k.
I want good quality combo for GAMING.
Features i want if possible:-
Led Backlits
Black Colour
Keys Print visible without LEd light.
Prefer Multicolour LED.
MOuse 3000DPi+ as its max.

I can buy from online sites.(In India)
Waiting for your reply.
Thank You


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Mechanical backlit kb and mouse won't fit in this budget.
Logitech G310 is the cheapest (next to TVS mech kb) mechanical keyboard I am aware of which costs about 5k.
Multicolour mech kb will north of 10k.


You can look Gamdias ARES Gaming keyboard mouse Combo.

1. 6 Programmable Buttons for strategic assignment of macros, profiles, keyboard keys, media controls, windows functions, etc.
2. 3 Adjustable Backlit Colors
3. Consecutive attack button - simply press and hold the key to continuously fire in the game, providing you a easy operation
4. Weight Tuning System - Modify total weight with four 5g mini weights to enhance mouse control
5. 2500 DPI for PC, for pixel perfect accuracy
6. Heavy-duty 10 million click lifecycle
7. 64 K Built in memory - Plug & play on different PCs storing 6 profiles, macro assignments, and muscle memory achievements
8. 2500 DPI for pixel perfect accuracy
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