keyboard+mouse combo

  1. S

    Should I buy a new keyboard/mouse combo or is it possible to replace just keyboard or is it possible to repair the keys?

    I have a Logitech MK235 wireless keyboard & mouse combo bought 2 years ago. Nowadays few keys have to be pressed little harder (mainly space bar, C, Alt), what to do?
  2. Soundararajan

    Confused on deciding Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

    Hi Friends, I recently bought a LG 32" IPS Monitor and it has become difficult to use Wired KB and Mouse that are very near to the monitor. So decided to buy a good Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. But I have difficulty in fixing on a model. I'm going to use it for normal Computing and...
  3. G

    Want Help Regarding KEYBOARD+MOUSE under 5K!!!

    hello guys. i want to buy combo set of keyboard and mouse. My budget is around 4-5k. I want good quality combo for GAMING. Features i want if possible:- Mechanical Led Backlits Black Colour Keys Print visible without LEd light. Prefer Multicolour LED. MOuse 3000DPi+ as its max. I...
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