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Vista eating up too much RAM

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Hi guys!
I hav a Compaq Presario C505TU laptop. it is core duo based @ 1.6Ghz and 512 MB DDR2 RAM 533MHz.When i use windows vista in aero mode the side bar shows cpu usagebelow 10% at most times but RAM utilisation doesnt ever go below 75%. Is this normal??My laptop scores just 2.0 in vista performance index overall. Will increasing RAM to 1GB help?? Will rating increase??Wil usage fall below 70%?


yes, dude , 512 MB = Vista on life support :)
its very less resources for running vista (esp in aero mode )
like sukhdeepsinghkohli just said ,its a memory hogger ...uses up all the RAM it gets..but having said that ,let me also add that vista is running exactly like its supposed to.If u add another 2 GB RAM, vista will use that up too..the logic behind this is that un utilized RAM is wasted RAM. so it utilizes fully the available RAM.But if u launch another ram hungry app, more memory is allocated to that.

To cut a long story short,upgrading your RAM might not mean u will find RAM utilization at lesser levels ,but it does mean u will get a better and faster vista .


for aero theme you need to have min. 1 Gb RAM to work very smoothly.Dont worry if U have 512b of RAM....and U dont have enough Money to increase Ur RAM.Windows vista has a wonderful feature of using Ur flash drive as RAM.So,just use Ur pen drive or any other flash drive to increase Ur RAM.
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