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Very amateurish networking component question


Clueless Noob
I have a wimax connection where I have an antennae where a wire connects to a laptop charger type thingy and a white Ethernet cable comes out. I just plug it in my computer and internet just works. No configuring the modem.
I have a WiFi only ipad. how can i get my internet connection on WiFi. I know it sounds stupid and probably very basic, but this is my first wired internet connection in eons. What would i need ? Network Interface Card, Switch, Access Point, Data Card (probably not, since that is what i have been using or things that looked like these anyways) or routers (i think these are it?) []Network Components: Networking Devices, Hardware: Netgear, Belkin, D-Link: Flipkart.com
TLDR: need box like thing that takes my Ethernet wire in one of its holes and spits out another Ethernet wire to connect to my computer. But in between gives out wi-fi signals so my wi-fi capable ipad could catch it.
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