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Gracias Senor
Hi all..

This is a general question..

I have a Sony VCD Player 2000w PMPO.

Is it possible to convert this VCD player to a DVD player..cos before i had a Audio CD Player and the technician told to change it to VCD Player by simply changing the Lens..

So will the same can be done frm VCD - DVD..

I askd the sony people and they told its not poss cos the board also needs to b changd..

So need clarification frm the techies..



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see. it not only requires lens ok? its having a small board like motherboard in PC. So think it like a PC. u cant read DVD with only a lens. u need to change more things and don't trust any local vendor... they will cheat u... bcs if u have original company player then may be it got worst after u get it back from those guys..
i suggest to buye u.. DVD player which supports Divx ,mp4... dont rememebr the model but goto showroom and ask them abt it. costs around 5 to 6K.
2. Samsung DVD player which supports HDTV and Divx,MP4 i think u shld go for this one...
it will cost around 8 to 9K. but it support try for it...

and do more asking regarding this... may be someone have some other options... but these two are quite good..
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