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Using ZTE Blade with PC to connect to Internet (no wifi hotspot)


Is anyone here using the ZTE blade connected to a windows 7 machine and using the internet off the 3G/EDGE connection ?. I am not talking about wifi hotspot but directly using the blade as a 3G modem.
If yes then please tell me how to do so, do i need to install any specific drivers to make the PC recognize the phone as modem ?
If yes then from where to download and install and anything else if necessary, please tell me that.
Also after installing the drivers and everything which app to be used to connect to internet (like we have Nokia PC suite for nokia phones and such).


dude i can send you the drivers for zte blade...but you've got install them manually. plus i am also having trouble in establishing the connection using the device. pm me to get the drivers link and see if you an carck smthn out


Right off the assembly line
I Downloaded PdaNet to the PC from Download PdaNet
Then downloaded PdaNet to the phone from Android Market.

With the phone and PC connected and these two running, you have Internet on the PC.

Alternatively, it might work with JoinMe, which, according to a YouTube video ( How to use ZTE Blade 2.1 as a HSDPA modem ) should avail for using the phone as a modem, but for me the PC does not recognize the phone as a modem, and I guess it lacks the drivers necessary for making it appear like "ZTE Handset USB modem" in the "Device" section in JoinMe.
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