Upgrade graphics or the whole PC?

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I have a legacy PC with configuration as follows

Cpu- Intel Pentium d 405
Mobo- Gigabyte GA G41m-combo
Ram-Kingston 4gb @1333mhz (low latency)
psu- some iball 250watt
1tb hard disk
Ps/2 mouse and Ps/2 mechanical keyboard
Samsung sync master 794mg (crt) with resolution of 1024x700 (or something)

I am in stock graphics but want an update to it
i have a budget of 3.5k but can add 1k more so total budget is 4.5k at max
I use my computer for games and port roms for android
Most games run but with lag (hitman 4 @low)
Also i want the graphics card so I can even use it after an upgrade. I'll buy an apu later(possibly cazzino) so no problem if it ain't that powerful.
Or should I wait more and do the upgrade later
I don't want to wait much so if possible suggest me a good compatible card (i read a review of flipkart saying that gt620 with pcie3 worked well with his core2duo which should be @pcie1)
Thanks in advance


As far as i know,there is no pentium D 405 CPU,i presume you're referring to Pentium D 805 cpu that was released way back in 2006.In fact,i too have the same cpu in an older pc and i've observed that it can't run most of the new graphics intensive games even at the lowest settings.Installing a new gpu won't suffice if you want playable frame-rates in current games-you'll have to upgrade your CPU as well.


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There is a term called Bottleneck in computer performance which means one of the components in your system in your system is performing very fast and providing high amount of output whereas the output is not getting processed fast enough by some other components, resulting poor output per unit time.
Your processor is very very outdated and can't even handle a mid range Graphics card like R7 250. Still if you want to get one, try the Sapphire R5 240 1GB GDDR5 @ 5.1K


My suggestion - Upgrade your CPU and mobo to a AMD based APU
You get a good CPU and GPU at a lower cost
Total 10k
EDIT :Nevermind, I did not see your budget
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