Union Budget 2007-08....How it will affect to computer hardwares ?

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Check this link......its mentioned list reagarding cheaper and dearer stuff affected by todays budget but nothing about hardwares.....



Customs duty on man-made yarn and poly-fibre cut to 7.5%

No change in service tax rates

Watch, umbrella duties cut to 5%

Coking coal exempted from customs duty

Excise duty on Pan Masala without tobacco as mouth freshners reduced from 66% to 45%

Water purification devices, small and big, fully exempted from excise

Bio-diesel to be fully exempted from excise duty

Excise duty for plywood reduced from 16% to 8%

Excise duty on cement cut to Rs 350 per tonne based on price

Duty on farm sprinklers cut to 5 per cent from 7.5

Import duty on medical equipment cut to 7.5 per cent

Duty on sunflower oil cut by 15% points

Petroleum excise duty cut to 6 per cent

Biscuits, food mixes, footwear to be cheaper

DEARER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cigarettes, bidis will be more expensive

Excise duty on cigarettes raised by 5 per cent

Service tax extended to commercial rentals

Import duty of 3 per cent on private aircraft

Export duty of Rs 300 per tonne on iron ore

Excise duty on cement sold for more than Rs 190 per bag raised to Rs 600 per tonne from 400

Set top boxes to become costlier
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Why PC's Budget is bad news for IT, BPO companies


good news for dvd writer and flash drive purchaser...

Mobile phones would continue to remain cheap as the minister has decided to extend the customs duty exemption period on their import to June 30, 2009.

To encourage indigenous development of hardware, the Finance Minister has exempted equipment like 'flash drive', DVD drive/writer from payment of excise duty.


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Desktops and Laptops to cost cheaper

Prices reduced
The impact of the Union Budget on various products was varied. On the one hand, technology related products like TV's (including Flat Screen televisions), mobiles and desktops have became cheaper.

Other products like laptops, digital cameras, Ipods and DVD players have also become cheaper.

Also with regard to the household appliances like air conditioners,washing machines, microwave ovens and dish washing machines have become cheaper. On the other hand a product like household water filters has become more expensive.

Kitchen appliances (made of plastic, wooden, ceramic and steel) and other appliances like microwave oven, dish washing machine and refrigerators have also become cheaper.



Re: Desktops and Laptops to cost cheaper

Thanks for telling the GOOD NEWS :)

can you give some info on any Cost Reduction for PC Peripherals (Gfx. Cards, Motherboards....)
Re: Desktops and Laptops to cost cheaper

good...but how much cheaper ???? :confused:
and will broadband will be cheaper ?? :twisted:


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Re: Desktops and Laptops to cost cheaper

I have no idea of how much cheaper it will be...me also trying to get hold of the news.....

regarding broadband....i dunno exactly...as the budget fineprint reads..."internet access to get cheaper"

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There was a news clipping in HT which said that optical drives are set to cost more along with processors and other peripherals except motherboards...


It was a dry budget, nothing to write home about..
1. DVDs gonna cost less if they are made in India, as the Excise Duty has been reduced from 16% to 0%.
2. Petrol - duty cut by rs. 2.
3. Basic Exemption limit was increased by Rs. 10.000 effectively reducing tax by Rs. 1000/- but on the same footing Education Cess was increased from 2% of tax to 3% of tax.
4. Medical Insurance benefit was increased from current 10/15K to 15/20K


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Even if there is a cut in taxes on Components/Devices, the manufacturers will never fully pass the price reduction to the end customers, they'll always try to pocket the Xtra bucks !!!


generally could be true where there is monopoly or very less competition. but where the competition is fierce they pass on most of the tax cuts.
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