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Ultimate DVD creation!

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HI friends , I have some trailers of games or movies etc. I want to make a very high quality DVD from them! With DTS 5.1 or Dolby surround sound! Please tell me if there is something with the help of which i will be able to do it!


Well to tell you the truth, the quality of the videos will remain the same.
And moreover the videos u have surely don't have Dolby DTS audio track with them.

And if you do have some high quality videos then there's the best thing out there to help you make a DVD ---- Nero Vision Express 3. Its the easiest thing to make DVD-Video. But you need to have a Nero Ultra Edition license to make DVDs with Dolby 5.1 audio.
upendra_gp said:
is there any simple software?

NO. DVD Authoring with menus is definitely not for newbies. Also, you won't find any free (decent) software to do the job. Basic authoring is possible with freeware IFOEDIT.

There aren't any shortcuts. Read the guides, get a demo of DVD-Lab (I use this all the time, Pro version 1.4, would recommend the same), read more guides and try authoring a DVD. You can output it as an ISO and mount it onto a virtual drive to check if the navigation, menus etc. work ok.

Remember, all you're video objects should have the same resolution and frame rates, and they should be according to accepted specs. Not that you can't mix stuff, but then you'd need to know what multi VTS authoring is and if you're hardware DVD player is capable of playing multi VTS discs.

One more thing, did I forget to say - read online guides. :lol:
www.doom9.net has top quality info, followed by www.videohelp.com
While you're there, read the forums too.



U CANT increase the quality of videos u have...so that is out of question...
as far as making DVD is concerned it is not that trivial and i dont think there's easy softwares made for it yet...so u have to take the pains...

Sreekanth V

No easy software?

Ulead DVD Movie Factory is for you.
There is no other DVD authoring software as easy as Ulead DVD Movie Factory.
You can download it from ulead.com
Video Quality is great, sometimes better.
When I convert my Movie trailers in .mov format to DVD format, the Quality increased!!
May be because my system plays .mov files not in the way it is meant to be, but when it is converted to DVD, the quality increased visibly.

Hope it will help you.


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yeah it helped me! But with Ulead DVD Movie Factory it is not possible to create very rich DVD as the DVD LAB Pro does!


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helo there is no way you can increase the quality of the movie you have... you can only decrease it.... apart from the other things you are saying.. they are done by pros and takes a lot of time DUDE... Yu can try microsoft photo story to do that but this is child's play and the movie is in windows media format... but you can give it a try


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jay4u you are may be wrong! We can increase quality of SOME movies! I have a proof ! If u buy digit every month then u will know that they provided harry potter & goblet of fire's trailer. re-encode it with NuEnc and see the difference! If u want their links u can get NuEnc here
if uwant the avisynth script pm me with u r mail and i will mail u!


DVD Lab Pro

Go for DVD lab Pro if you want a professional approach.If you want the easy way out you can go for NeroVision Express 3.


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I used that Sonic MyDVD to author DVDs with the menu interface and all that. Its mainly template based though. Must try out the Mac iDVD though, seems to be pretty good.
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