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TVS Motor told to stop manufacturing 125 cc Flame model

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TVS Motor told to stop manufacturing 125 cc Flame model
February 17th, 2008

Bajaj Auto has somewhat scored a moral victory as the courts have now instructed TVS Motor Company to stop manufacturing and selling their recently launched 125 cc Flame bike.

This was in a judgment in a case filed by the rival bike manufacturer who claimed that TVS was infringing on their patented technologies.

Bajaj Auto claims that they have been awarded the global and Indian patent for the DTSi technology which has been used by TVS in their own product.

TVS Motor is now likely to file an appeal before the division bench of the Madras High Court.



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^^^ afaik its a ripoff.
they hav copied bajaj's DTSi technology when they cudnt come out with any on their own.


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no stoping was based on the fact that they proceeded to manufature the bikes even when they had an injunction [court proceedings] against them


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I don't think TVS will need to take back Flame's from consumers. It would cause inconvenience to people.

That's why the court has ordered them to stop manufacturing it rather than getting all the bikes which have been sold.

Dunno why TVS tries to copy a technology. :confused: If they some new technology, atleast they should have seen / searched for patents if there is any other company with the same technology. Now they face the music of the Bajaj & Courts.
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