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  1. A

    DVD DRive spin Prob

    Hey guys, I have a Compaq presario CQ60-215EE laptop. So whenever I insert a DVD into it(Mostly Digit DVD) the motor starts spinning and then slows down then starts again and repeats the process.Sometimes the motor never even moves . PLZ help ME:lol:
  2. ramakanta

    Brushless DC Motor

    I need a Brushless DC Motor(Non-salient pole / cylindrical pole type) with Controller for my project work. specification: Permanent Magnet type Speed(RPM): 4000rpm~6000rpm Voltage(V): 48V/72V Output Power: 3kw~7kw If possible anyone please help me where to availableor buy this type of...
  3. Desmond

    TATA planning to introduce "air" powered cars in India

    Some really good news for India Source : This Tiny Pod Car Runs On Air | GizmoCrazed
  4. S

    Need help from electrical engineers

    Hi all, need some clarifications from electrical engineers, in our industry we are upgrading a three phase induction motor from 30hp(22kw) to 50hp(37kw).my question is on what basis the electrical Amps rating is given to motor.I have seen some motors of 30hp whose amps rating differ from 40 to...
  5. T

    Steorn posts second "talk" video of their E-Orbo Motor Technology.

    Steorn has posted a video of their second "talk" about their E-Orbo motor technology. In the video they perform experiments on their motor that seem to support their claims it does not experience back EMF and has an efficiency of over 100%. Steorn's Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP is...
  6. praka123

    TVS Motor told to stop manufacturing 125 cc Flame model

    TVS Motor told to stop manufacturing 125 cc Flame model February 17th, 2008 Bajaj Auto has somewhat scored a moral victory as the courts have now instructed TVS Motor Company to stop manufacturing and selling their recently launched 125 cc Flame bike. This was in a judgment in a case...
  7. Chetan1991

    DVD RAM drive out of order, HELP!!

    Hi Guys! I have a grave problem. Some days ago, I tried writing DVDs with my DVD writer(16X SONY DVD-RAM drive) but none of them worked. Then It also stopped reading any kind of disk.I heard a faint sount in it and when I opened the drive from under and used it, I saw that after inserting the...
  8. B

    Hard Disk = 12 BHP Motor

    I got a 160 GB HDD.. When ever i turn on my system i get to hear a sound which Sounds like Water Pump motor is running in my CPU.. Help ....
  9. S

    CDROM reading probs

    I want to know if i can increase the speed of cdrom or not. i mean no the reading or writing speed in terms of X but the speed at which the motor rotates. i want to increase the rate of rotation of motor so that it will read scratch cds. and is there any way by which i can remove scrates on...
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