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Hi friends,
Has anyyone ever used Trend Micro Internet Security?
How much ram does it consume in real time scanning?
How big are the updates?Are they very big like 15-20 MB?
Is the anti virus good?
Will it slow down my system?I have 512 MB of memory.


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trend micro i-sec is a good scanner and firewall. i can't tell abt future but it's recent updates r shorter if u update it for first time size of update may vary depending on ver what u hav installed but surely not big as 15mb. later updates(periodic) updates are much shoter(it depends ) if u weekly update it will only 1mb or less. 512mb is sufficient to run it but no other progrm shud run simultaneously. time to scan depends on no of files. but takes lesser than norton and more than quick heal


Trend Micro Internet security suite is one of the most used security tool. But if you have an urge for total excellent security opt for Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0. As it has every security features you will ever need and also it has integrated anti-spy, anti-phising, anti-hacker, anti-spam, etc.

And also the updates for Kaspersky Intenet Security are very small with size ranging from 277kb-320kb.

It gives peace of mind from any web trouble.

In any case you need help feel free to contact me at



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I go with NAV and occasionally scan with Trend Micro's online virus scanner. Normally, it won't find anything new which NAV can't seems like not very efficient! Just a comment


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@samrulez yes it is better than avast pro and i advise u to shift from avast to trend micro i-sec....And according to me best complete security suite is in this order NIS >> kaspersky I-sec >> trend micro I-sec...
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