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Torrent Query

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Friends yesterday while reading this months digit i saw a site mininova.org and later logged on to it. I found that i could get all the old and new stuff from music videoz softwarer to games and mobile apps.

I could not understand how could they sell stuff worth thousands of dollar for not even a penny. Dont they get charged for that.
And for people who use such sites what download speed do you get when you download stuff from such sites. And is it better than rapidshare.


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It is mostly illegal stuff. And if they put a trace on you, they can sue you for millions of dollars or imprisonment. Use your discretion before venturing into the torrent business.
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Torrent sites are free buddy, u do not get charged for d/loading or uploading stuff... the speed depends on ur internet connection...

for eg: a 256 kbps broadband connection will get u speeds of 180-210kbps on a well seeded torrent..
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