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To buy Windows 7 or not?

Buy Windows 7 or not?

  • I'm buying it

    Votes: 35 47.9%
  • No way!

    Votes: 17 23.3%
  • I'll think about it

    Votes: 21 28.8%

  • Total voters
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if you buy a laptop next year, you will definitely get windows 7 :)
Yeah. Already the Dell Studio 15 seems tempting, with C2D T6500, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD and Radeon HD4570 at 42K with free upgrade to Windows 7.

But neither do I need a laptop that urgently nor do I have the cash to buy it right now. And waiting for AMD Fusion or Intel Arrandale would mean really cheap laptops which perform similar to today's laptops at this range along with much higher power saving.


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I shall, definitely and Windows 7 Professional at that. Reason I need XP mode.
For me it is certainly essential since some third party programs still exist only for Win XP, and that needing Microsoft Java Virtual machine, that is long buried.:-x


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From what I've seen and heard, win7 will be a sure buy for me. Wonder if they will have a XP to win7 upgrade or I'll have to make a fresh install over XP?


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Not the full version, might decide to buy the upgrade to Vista, which comes in at about 50usd, something around there, at least for the Home Premium edition, Ultimate is more expensive I think. Maybe ill just stick to Vista since I don't really see that much of a difference between Vista and 7, 7 might feel a bit more responsive but I dont think it's actually faster..


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For what its wort, I had terrible experience with windows 7 RTM .
It hanged, crashed. explorer seemed very buggy. the annoying quirks from vista weren't fixed. I am passing this one


^^ are u using the legit version of windows 7 dude? I removed Vista and installed Windows 7 Professional on my Dell Studio 15 the night i got it shipped from Dell and its been a wonderful experience for me. I have used it for 8 days now and havnt experienced any crashes or system lag and the gui experience has been awesome.

I just love the new taskbar. I was afraid of driver support for my customized studio with ati radeon graphics, bluetooth etc. but windows update found all the latest drivers and installed them automatically. Dell still hasnt released the official Windows 7 64bit catalyst drivers so I cant use the catalyst CP but the drivers work perfectly.

btw I downloaded Windows 7 from my MSDNAA account.


mera kutch nahi ho sakta
^ k
Amd X2 4000+
Asus m2a-mx
1gb ram
500gb HDD

win7 is snappy alright, but then so is xp/vista. and I did compare md5 with the msdn release.


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I have installed Windows 7 RTM in two computers
P-IV 3.0GHz

Results no big different from Vista- ultimate

2nd computer

Amd X2 4200+
Asus m2a-mx
250 SATA

difference is so big compare with mountain and mole.. So legacy hardware owners have to upgrade to new spec
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A user comment from PCW :
"Countless no of us out here in cyberland are still smarting from this bloated and bug-riddled Microsoft monster called "Vi$ta"
Now microsoft is putting a little lipstic on this pig & calling it Windows 7
Why we would like to make our current pigs look like a new pig"

Isn't it great to see people with opinion same as ours :D :D :D
Even i would say no since this hsould've been what we would've got instead of windows Vista


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I recommend windows 7.
After the ms highly successfull OS XP.... Win 7 will going to stablish a new milestone.
MS have learned more from Vista's flop show.
Dont know it is true or not, but according to some internet resources they are also planning to release windows 8 till 2012.


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nice joke buddy. Worthy to be put in "dumbest things ever heard" thread.

If you want to rant like a lost-linux-fanboy, there are lot of forums for you!
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^^ nice joke buddy. Worthy to be put in "dumbest things ever heard" thread.

If you want to rant like a lost-linux-fanboy, there are lot of forums for you!

joking is not my habit buddy.
I have just expressed my opinion according to thread title....not convincing to be agreed with me, you or anyone.
And further what your means unable to understand....Good by.
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