1. leo61611616

    Measure Your Facebook Influence

    Klout, that can measures a user's influence on Twitter, announced they are extending their influence measurement features to Facebook today. Facebook Influence is calculated based on how your conversations and content generate interests among your friends via likes and comments. Read...
  2. cooldudie3

    To buy Windows 7 or not?

    So are you guys buying windows 7 or not? Vote and comment about your thoughts. Pricing: * Please avoid conversations about other OSes like Linux or Mac:neutral:
  3. L

    Windows Live messenger saved conversations

    Ok, I can not explain fully. The situation is that, my friend has recently come to know that her Ex-boyfriend had been spying on her hotmail Email account (He told her over phone about a mail that she received). Now she has changed the password. The other thing she is worried about is if he...
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