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Three-sided dice: D3?


Right off the assembly line
So me and a buddy of mine have been arguing for a while now about the possibility of a three-sided dice. My goal? To get your opinion. And yes, moderator who is reading this for anti-spam, please feel free to comment as well, i am open to all opinions and suggestions.
His argument: A D3 IS possible because a cylinder with wide faces and a short height (eg a coin) has a 100% probability of landing on a face. However a cylinder with small faces and a tall height (eg a straw) will always land on the round part. So there has to be a point in the middle where there is an equal opportunity to land on any one side, be it either the faces or the round part.
My argument: A D3 is impossible because there can't be an equal probability on a device that doesnt have equal sides. To take the cylinder, the very shape of it makes the probability of it landing on a face as often as the round part is low, if even obtainable.
I have a feeling this will come up so I am going to head it off right now. Those crystal dice, the onse that are funny shaped oblong, faceted trinkets, are not considered dice! Look them up if you dont know what I am talking about. Anyways. Open debate: begin :D
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