The Ultimate Guide to Java Programming & Reference:



Wise Old Owl
What do companies look for a candidate to get a IT job?

Qualification : BE/BTech/ME/MTech, MCA, MBA etc.,

Percentage : 60% (Som Companies ask for 70%)

Programming Languages : C/C++, Java, Oracle etc.,

Project : Project in C++, Java (JavaSE, JavaEE), C#

Other Skills : English language (Communication), problem-solving skills (Arithmetic)

Java Books Recommended

1) Core Java by C .S Horstmann (2 volumes) - Java language core concepts

2) Java FAQ by Jonni Kanerva - Helps you to answer interview questions

3) Data Structures & Algorithms in Java by Robert Lafore - Learn algorithms & data structures

4) John Zukowski's Definitive Guide to Swing - Master Java Swing classes

5) Java How To Program by H M Deitel & P J Deitel - Learn how to program using Java language

Books for Arithmetic Aptitude/ IQ Puzzles

1) Arithmetic Aptitude by RK Aggarwal

2) Competition Success Review magazine

3) Shakuntala Devi puzzles

Not all candidates get the IT job or any other job. If you go to Bangalore or Chennai - Only 10 out of 10000 get a IT job!!!
So be serious. Study these books , learn programming, practise arithmetic aptitude solutions.
So work hard, and come up victorious in life.
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