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The best gaming laptop..under 45 k..

hi...guys..am interested in knowing the names of laptops..under 45k which can be useful fr gaming...also.,..suggest some non gaming laptops..too..but mainly gaming..ty...


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wht bout the msi series of gaming laptops.??worth ny looks.??
i want dependibility...gud battery life(if possible) gud customer care...


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if u want good battery life too, u can check out "nvidia optimus" based laptops... those have switchable graphics so u can change to low power intel graphics when u dont need the power of dedicated graphics... acer "TimelineX" based models have it..
also check out notebookcheck.com ... in that go to search , enter the max price (in pound).... and it will show u all laptops under that along with reviews..


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I suggest Dell Inspiron 15 or Dell Studio 15.......I'm using studio 15 now and i'm quite satisfied....though u cannot hope for anti-aliasing....the graphics are pretty good.....I think it is comes with a 1 GB nvidia graphics from the factory itself....when i ordered,i had to customize it.......It has nice batters life...though not much.......and the service is EXCELLENT.........the best part is the screen......nice and big.....


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To be honest, there are none which will satisfy your needs under 45k. All such laptops are accompanied by crappy, entry-level graphic cards. Raise your budget or go for a desktop. I did read a news though regarding MSI releasing an external graphic card solution for lappies which features en external ATI Radeon HD 5670 1GB card.
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