[Want to Buy] Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard ~6K


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Hi! Coming from developer background I'm into lot of coding. I have company's laptop which I connect with external monitor and keyboard for easy use. So to give my hands some relief I'm looking out for 87 key or you can say tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for approx 6k (any Cherry swictch). This keyboard I will be carrying around along with my laptop to office on daily basis.

I have gone through some online websites but didn't find any such. One keyboard which is in my mind is Corsair Vengeance K65 but no where available.

Can one suggest which one to go for ?

Thanks in advance!


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you have posted in the wrong section, perhaps that's why it isn't attracting any replies. you may ask the mod of this section to move it to the appropriate one on this forum, or create another thread yourself here.
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