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Taj Mahal needs ya all

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gov doesnt care abt it. it is not maintained properly......doesnt deserved to get a place in 7 wonders list..


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Hmmm okay i voted once.....Taj indeed has lost its beauty and its not grand as it seems to be anymore......


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Quiz_Master said:
Allready Voted 7 Times :D

(With seven different e-mail ids. :D :)))

I am Voting every once in a week. I love TAJ. I love Aagra.
(and I love its Pagal-Khana :lol:)
Jab tak love hai tab tak Taj Mahal nahi toh tumhare liye pagalkhana bhi hai.:D


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c'mon... ppl vote... !!!!

just 20 days left now .. n i think TAJ is at no. 10 in the rankings {as on 12 june 07}


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Arsenal_Gunners said:
Its poorly maintained,i don't think it is ready yet to become a wonder.
Btw. This "vote for the wonder" system sucks anyway.

i know it is but...if it is included think abt the increase in tourism for india + then they will have to maintain it
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