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system becomes slow while copying data


My pc config:

processor: i5-3450 @3.10 ghz
ram: 8 gb ddr3 @1600 mhz
hdd: 1 tb sata 3 @7200 rpm

I was not able to open google chrome in my system as i was copying around 17 gb of files from one drive to other folder. My system become slow at that moment. Is this config not able enough to process multiple tasks simulataneously?


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your pc responds slow because. while copying, your hdd is being used nearly100%. there is nothing you can do, just wait. Or else get a good ssd.

your hdd is bottlenecking herr. it is not your cpu or ram.


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I used to face this issue on win xp mostly .. one solution is to open the programs you need to use before starting the file copy process.
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