Suggestions for Vacuum Cleaner


Cyborg Agent
I need to buy a good vacuum cleaner for my home use so wanted your guidance. Our area is undergoing redevelopment phase so there is lots of dust around.

I'm not sure what to look into vacuum cleaner so please guide me.

Following are requirements..

There should be attachment to clean all my electronics items, Desktop PC etc.

Good cord length, extension accessories to reach at ceiling & not so reachable corners.

Sturdy & heavy duty,

Should not get heated up while long use,

Portability & light weight if possible

Ease of operation for senior citizen

Car power attachment to clean car interiors

& other feature which I may have missed.

Budget is flexible till 10k if necessary. Finally it should be energy efficient too.

Please help.


The Vagrant Seeker
your budget is good. you may find some robust ones for well within it. i had purchased one from Inalsa, from starcj some years back, i think for 2.5k. came with a lot of accessories, of which i use only two mostly. i use the cleaner regularly to clean my room (using the combo of non-dust broom and the cleaner; i gather the dust, etc. at one corner with the broom and then collect it with the cleaner). its quite sturdy. has suffered two falls, but only one of the hooks where a carry-lanyard is to be attached got broken. doesn't get heated at all. i sometimes switch it on/off successively within short periods a multiple times, but it hasn't complained so far. the power-cord is very long for easy room-wide use. the cleaner though is a bit heavy, but portable. i haven't checked its specifications, particularly the air-flow rate. but this was only supposed to be a short gist of what all a good vacuum cleaner has/can do. a costlier one from say eureka forbes or philips, etc. could be still better.
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