Suggestion neede for GPU and feedback for Asus Maximus V Gene Mother Board


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My config

Processor -- core i5 3570

Motherboard -- Asus Maximus V Gene Mother Board

Hard disk --- 2TB seagate (6 GB/s)

RAM --- 8GB (1600) Corasir

DVD --- Sony

CAbinet --- Cooler Master

SMPS -- cooler Master

Graphics card --- NO idea pls suggest (bud 3K now after 2 months i will change it)

suggest me which GPU shall I use for this mobo....

Waiting for reply ..........


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An i5 with a 3k GPU?
Pick up a HD6670 at least.

Also Cooler Master PSUs are not recommended(hope you didn't buy the configuration already, if you did then ignore getting a new PSU now). Pick up a Corsair CX500v2.


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the techfreak

Thank u very much for u suggestion, I did not buy the config yet planning to buy next week . I am not having much idea about GPU so only confused.Can u brief me why Corsair CX500v2 than cooler master. any feedback abt the MOBO....????


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AFAIK, the maximus gene V is a hardcore OC board. so make sure you get a good PSU, as mentioned above or even higher rating, incase you OC. if you dont, i dont see why you should stick to a pricey mobo with lots of features that you wont use.

and if you planning to buy a better GPU in a few months, there is no point buying a 3K gpu. 3K GPUs, almost all of them, will give no or minimal visible performance edge over the integrated Intel GPU. so save that 3K and use it later.

IMO, you should use atleast an HD 78xx series. HD79xx would be an awesome combo. no idea about NVIDIA.
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