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Suggest Mobo+Processor within 5k


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For basic work, not gaming. Plan to run W7-32 bit

eBay India: MSI G31TM-P21 Motherboard For Intel - 3YR Warranty (item 310275128764 end time 06-Dec-2010 00:22:04 IST)

Is the drive and price okay. Which intel processor will fit in for my budget.

What is alternative if i go for AMD combo. Will it be better VFM.

Will any of the MBs in this range contain a DVI port?

eBay India: ASUS P5G41T-M Motherboard Intel G41 DDR3 C2D quad Core (item 250736306694 end time 09-Dec-2010 19:12:00 IST)

How is this one? It seems to have DDR-3 support? Which cheap processor will nicely combine with it?
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