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Suggest an ADSL+WAN+USB router


In the zone
Please suggest a cheap ADSL+WAN+USB router. I want to use the USB port to tether internet from my phone to get wifi in the entire house(mainly for using Jio 4G).

I searched for it and got this router TENDA-TE-D303-Wireless-ADSL2-Modem-Router.
But there is no guarantee phone tethering over USB will work and also, Tenda's customer support is not really available.

Or should I rather get only an ADSL+WAN router and connect to the Jio hotspot using WDS(I just came to know about this feature)

Currently I am using a BSNL Teracom WiFi Modem ( rented ) on ground floor and a TP-Link TL-WR841N on the Ist floor connected using a LAN cable and I want to buy my own Modem+Router for the ground floor.
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