Suggest a mobile for Rs.10000

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Oh, I got 6610 memory confused with 6610i memory, didn't know it had more memory
Anyways, Jatin saw a live demonstration of two SE T610s in action today, and I think his mind is made up
Nothing like Bluetooth to convince a person what phone to buy
Jatin, Alfa won't help u if u want bill+warranty
so lets go to Heera Panna or SE showroom on Sunday
As I said, everyone criticizing SE have never used a SE phone ever in their life(I don't think they've even seen one in real life)
U've got to experience a SE phone to know what and how much its got over the competition


Cyborg Agent
From an experienced SE phone user one thing which really sucks with the SE's is the battery life. Apart from those the SE's are an awesome phone. However check a previous thread on the Motorola E398. I got this ahead of the SE's simply cos the features list is fantastic. Plus gotta have a look at the phone....the looks are something else...


Go For T610


For 10000 Rs, T610 is the best u can get

Nokia 6610i has got the problem,
1st bad thing - 4K colour, Camera Clarity is the worst, Only good thing is
a good look but lookwise T610 is best.

Nokia 6610i has got a problem with Software, it keeps on hanging.

T610 is the best for clarity. lookwise the best..

It has got Bluetooth, IR , Best Screen Clarity

Its better to go for T610 instead of T630, coz all extra it has got is TFT Screen is & Different colour

Anywayz, Ur WIsh...

Bye, Take care..

I m planning to Take T610 Only :)
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