Suggest a good PSU for my mid/high gaming rig.. as my old one died.. after 3.1 yrs..


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Hi All,

My old Corsair CX500 just died last week after I abused it for 3 years.. :cry: since 3 years are over no warranty.

Can I get it repaired somehow? :mrgreen:

I live in Delhi, so can I get it back working with almost same efficiency from Nehru Place or Do the people repairing it will change the internals components of it.. to make money.. :-(

Share some good shops of Nehru place if you know they are genuine.. :)


Should I buy a new one.. Following is my rig configuration.. please suggest a decent good enough PSU which can run for at least 3 years efficiently even after abuse..

I do not do overclocking anyways..

MB: Some good Asus.. works good.. 1 PCI Express 3rd Generation.. :cool:

CPU: Intel i3 3.3Ghz (didn't bought i5 since not interested in Overclocking.. )

RAM: 8GB Corsair (4GB*2) since I need more RAM for my learning/work (VMs)

HDD: 1. 1TB Seagate -Sweet
2. Old 160GB (6 yrs old) .. can blow any minute now.. :|

GPU: AMD Readon 7850 2GB DDR5.. My baby.. :wink:

One DVD Writer

Display: 2 Full HD 22' monitors. Dual Display of course.. gaming demands it.. :enforcer::sniper::newgun:

My budget is around 3-4k. max 4.5k.. :-D

Any help/suggestion/advice in this regard with be highly appreciated!! :mrgreen:

My dear fellow warriors of the PC Gaming..

Thanks and extremely high regards,:-D


PS: The signature below is from 2008.. need to update. it.. :cool:


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i dont know about repair but you can consider seasonic s12ii 520 which is a solid unit.

it has 5 years of warranty too.


Get Seasonic S12ii 520w @4.5k with eyes closed,enough for your rig and comes with 5 year warranty :)


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yes, dual monitors with 7850.. but not gaming on 2 monitors at once.. for that 7850 is not enough..

one monitor is for gaming, other one is for reading Walkthroughs, internet, etc. when I play.. :p

Also, one is used for development(Software engineer here.. ) stuff and other for viewing the help files, ebooks, browsing internet for issues, etc.. It's damn better than pressing Alt-Tab to switch between Visual Studio and EBooks, API help etc.. :p Saves a ****ing good amount of time.. XD
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