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Strange issue with iBall Wireless keyb+Mouse combo

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Broken In
I just purchased iBall Wireless couple... was really excited as it was my first pair of wireless k/b n mouse. and got a really good (?) surprise after I started using it. actually i read about the thread 'things you should'nt buy' later on! (this couple is listed there).

Well the issue is: it works like a charm on both of my laptops, as if it were a part of it; but it goes a little crazy when I connect it to my desktop (AMD Athlon 3600+; M2N MX; Windows vista).

the keyboard works perfectly, but the mouse 'hangs' the system. some process starts conusming more resources, and the system gets stuck after some time. this never happened on both laptops. I tried switching off the mouse by removing the battry. and used a normal USB mouse. that mouse worked perfectly. used a USB keyboared with the mouse, it gave issues sometimes. I tried reinstaling windows. installed windows xp on another hard disk, and booted the system using it; same issue again! I tried disabling every hardware that I could think of (like USB drivers, internal modem, graphis, etc. ).

what could be the issue? and what could be the best resolution?
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