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Storage Options for 10TB of Data.


Broken In
I have been recording videos of various events at my college, and i have ended up with 10TB of data.
Presently i am storing it in several portable hard drives.
My query: Is there a possible solution to store them all at a single place, eg:a 10TB hard drive or something?
Please Let me Know if NAS can be used as a portable storage or not.
Any other suggestions are welcome.



Living to Play
Yes it can be used. Although I don't think that I would call that a portable media. You can just buy 3*3TB + 2TB internal storage if your mobo has that much SATA ports.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
NAS is not portable .. it a bit heavy and expensive. if you want cheaper alternate then build a PC and make it as a NAS storage.


Lost in speed
Thats a lot of data and there's apparently not a single 10TB HDD.
However, you can do like what gameranand has told above.

If possible, 2 3TB Internal HDD + 2 3TB external HDD will do your req!
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