Steam Deck announced by Valve


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I think we will just have to wait and see when actual hands-on reviews come. All videos so far seem to be mostly speculation.

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Portable? It's massive in size. Just LOOK at the big guy holding in IGN's video. Won't fit in your trouser pockets for sure! xD /s


I am more excited by the fact that it's a full blown PC, where theoretically we can wipe SteamOS to install any other OS like windows!
But surely, I am happy for the impact this shiny object could have on the Linux gaming.
You may need new drivers if it's Windows that you want to run. IINM it uses custom AMD silicon, and the IO parts (controller stuff mostly) may not be prepped for Windows. Not to mention power management, where tuned drivers are critical.

Also even though the SSD is replaceable, just how many manufacturers make high capacity units in the M2.2230 size? High density SSD chips are expensive, even if it's QLC.
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