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Starting a YouTube Tech Channel and need your advise on what to make videos on


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Hey guys, I have recently started a tech channel on YouTube and have made two videos so far. The first being, a quick look at the Nexus 5x and the other being a $1000/₹90,000 Skylake|i5 R9 390 build.

Here is the link to the PC Build :
$1000 1080p Skylake i5 & R9 390 Gaming Build! - YouTub

I will be making a video on the HTC Vive next and a Skylake i7|GTX 1070 Build. The reason that I am saying all of this is cause, it is really hard to find true Indian gamers online and this is one place where I found the most amount of participation. So, I would like to know on what topic, would you guys like me to make a video on, a topic that you wish someone would talk about that we Indian gamers face a lot or anything in general.

If you don't have any ideas yet, general feedback on the video and what we can improve on, would be good :)

Thank you!
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