SSD failed with Disk I/O Device Errors


Alakh Niranjan
opening naza market might not be allowed and if allowed, it is expected to be on even-odd pattern. i tried in january but no one had mx500 then, even some people supposed to be crucial retailer too wanted me to buy WD green so i bought it online.


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Thanks @SaiyanGoku I'll try Live Linux USB to see how it goes.
@whitestar_999 I tried Gigabyte SSD utility and it doesn't show any info not even model no. only thing it show that Health is good which i know is not the case lol
@patkim I am using in a desktop and checked ports even changed to see if issue is resolved so I guess this SSD is gone. now only thing left is to buy a new one when this lockdown ends. Not many deliveries in Lucknow so left with no other option then to wait.
Did you try with a different SATA cable ? or try the SSD on another pc ? Also I can see you have couple of HDDs so just connect the SSD alone and see whether it's visible under bios ?


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I tried with different cables for no use but didn't check SSD alone. I think its gone for good, bought mx500 from amazon a week back as they started delivering to my city for 3976.


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yes, no other option then to keep waiting and will buy MX500 if available online/offline else will get A400 which should be available offline
There are reports that 16 new cases found positive in last 2 days so all hopes are gone. And this area is close to Naza market which is hub for computer parts in Lucknow.

I have an online job so still follow my daily schedule
I will suggest go with MX500 as it also has a DRAM write buffer in it.

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