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Son saves his Dad's life - wants a PS3 for it

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Third Eye

gooby pls
Usually when you hear stories about the PS3 on the local news, it's because somebody got stabbed for one or an old lady got punched in the face over it or something -- kind of depressing really. So we were stoked when we saw GamingTarget's story about a 9-year-old boy who saved his father's life and decided he deserved a PS3 for the heroic act.

According to the news segment, 9-year-old Matty Lovo was able to gain control of a 100,000 pound tractor-trailer after his dad passed out behind the wheel. He used the truck's CB to call for help and a second driver was able to come and bring the truck to a stop. His grateful father was interviewed by the local news agency, and said his son "keeps telling me he thinks he needs his PlayStation 3 now for a reward."

Seems like a pretty reasonable trade -- your son saves your life, you drop 500 dollars (or 600 if you're feeling extra thankful) to get him a PS3. Best part of the story though? When the co-anchor on the news show admits he has no idea how to use his own PS3

Is PS3 really worth your life.


Turn The Page
so moral of all such PS3 stories from america is that

value of PS3
value of human life.:D


Broken In
I think that the kid was very clever,first he create trouble for his father & after he saved his father,kid was does for getting PS3,everything is planned in the mind of kid


just 9 years old and was able to control a 100,000 pound truck...isko toh ps3,x360 aur wii teeno dilana chahiye


freshseasons said:
Does it means take the PS3 away and he will strike with vengeance and kill him.

No, it just means he wants a PS3 as a token of appreciation. I am sure the whole thing is pretty much blown up. The actual conversation must be something like this :-

Dad - Thanks for saving my life son. You did a nice thing there and you deserve an award for it. What would you like dad to buy you for it?

Son -Okay pa, I like the PS3. Can I get it please?

Its just a funny little thing said by an immature 9 year old kid. No need to bring American culture in this. This could havehappened in India as well.
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